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Northside Enterprises

The friendly staff of NORTHSIDE ENTERPRISES welcomes you to Cartwright,Labrador.


"The Northside Motel" is a 2 1/2 Star Motel with attached pub. It has 6 rooms - 2 smoking and 4 non-smoking. One of the non-smoking rooms is wheelchair accessible.

 Each room has its own:

* Entrance

*  Air-conditioning and heating

* Cable and wireless internet

* Laundry service is available

 Pub is located underneath Motel, overlooking the harbour. This is beautified by the high tide lapping on the rocks on a beautiful moonlit night in summer and immediate access to the harbour for snowmobiling in winter.

We are located at 8 Low Road and are in close proximity to The Mug Up Restaurant, Ferry Terminal, Post Office, Northern Store, Eagle River Development Association office, School, Library, Eagle River Credit Union and Town Council Office.

Lots of good music and friendly people  at the Pub. Come check us out, bring your own musical instruments and have a good time.


Northside Motel


Please get in touch to offer comments
You can e-mail us at:

8 Low Rd.